My Natural Hair Story

First, let me start by saying I attempted to return natural 3 times before I actually “went natural”, it is HARD! Okay, now with that being said here’s apart of the reason it was so hard. I had been getting my hair permed and relaxed my entire life!! I got my first perm at the age of one. Yes, one year old. Now there’s no need for mommy-shaming over here. As a mother you do whatever you believe is best for your child. A perm is what my mom thought was best for me. Now keep in my mind that I was born the 90s which was the century of “creamy crack” lol. Prior to my mother perming or relaxing my hair she said “I can’t do, I can’t handle it, her hair is just too thick” and that was just the final straw. I’ve heard many stories of how if you parted my hair and turned around to grab the grease the part disappeared.

Flash forward, I first took interest in going natural after discovering the Glamtwinz334 on YouTube in 2011 (freshman yr). They were the first black girls I had ever seen with super long hair that was real. I remember being so amazed by their beauty. They inspired my first attempt at being natural. Anyway I could never quite achieve their look. So a year or so goes by and now I’m ready. I am set on transitioning to natural. That lasted all of a month. None of the styles I envisioned worked out in my interest and without a support system it was easier to stick to what I knew which was perms. That was the end of my second attempt. My last attempt before actually going natural stretched for 6 months but my hair had gotten to the point where half was curly and the other half was straight which made the whole thing ugly in my eyes. My mom at this point was begging to give me a perm and constantly reminding me how beautiful my straight hair was and how cute my slicked back Beyoncé ponytail was and of course I caved in.

Well in 2013 I said enough is enough. A friend of mine had put me onto a local natural hair salon and the women there truly motivated me to go natural. I learned how long and healthy my hair could potentially be. What was different this time around? 1. I had support. 2. I had goals in mind. 3. I began making choices for myself. So I transitioned from May 2013 to May 2014. I really couldn’t see myself chopping all my hair off so I gave myself a deadline. After one year what ever permed hair remained had to go no matter what the length was. I stuck to that. May 2014 was senior prom so I cut my permed ends and got a weave sewed in. I was officially naturally! I was starting college in the fall so between May and August of 2014 I only wore Marley braids. It wasn’t until school started that I grew sick of protective styling. I started watch tons of yt tutorials and found a style that would work for me which was Bantu knots. It was the only style I had mastered with a TWA therefore it was the only the style I wore until my got some length and I stepped my skills up (lots of trials and error). But was it all worth it? ABSOLUTELY! So, that’s it. This is my hair story of how I got where I am today.

Hair Timeline

1996-2013: relaxed/permed

2013-2014: transitioned

2014-currently: rocking my natural hair proudly

Hair Profile

Texture: Cotton

Type: 4a-4c

Porosity: Medium


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