Embarking the natural hair community with style is Kayla or Coily Kay on social media; creator of The Curl Chronicle. The Curl Chronicle was created to document her natural hair journey and help others through experience by sharing tips along the way. The blog features information on everything natural hair but also fashion, beauty, and lifestyle post. The topics include a large choice from hair how-to post and pictorials to outfit of the day, curl talk, and product reviews to name a few. Kayla is 19, cultivating to womanhood while growing up in NewJersey. Natural hair is trending right now but what people fail to realize is that it is truly a lifestyle. A lifestyle that requires patience and confidence. As a college first semester dropout she’s learning the world from her own perspective. Her utmost goal is to help other women who may be walking the same path of the natural hair community as well as inspire others to love themselves natural hair or not because all beauty starts within. However, she’s a firm believer that natural hair could work for everyone. “Natural hair couldn’t be anymore for you, it grows out of your head!”. With that being said there will be struggles as well as success but with a curlfriend like Kayla you will have someone by your side always.

To contact Kayla for questions about sponsorships, advertising, and/or collaboration
Email her or check out the contact page.

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