Wash Day Routine

For many naturals the most dreading day of the week is wash day! For me that isn’t the case, surprisingly considering I’m a lazy natural. Wash day means 1. Clean hair which is always refreshing and 2. A new style for the week or trying out new products. I look forward wash day! So let’s get into my routine.

First, I saturate my hair in warm water followed by clipping it into 4 sections.

Next, while working with one section at a time I apply my cleansing conditioner. I work it in from root to ends. The tangles seemingly melt away on their own so I finger detangle and follow up with my denman brush to make sure my hair is tangle-free.

Lastly, I rinse! As of lately I’ve been trying cool water rinsing because I read that it’s better for your hair but I’ll keep you posted with those results and changes in another post.

I personally like to wash my hair in the shower oppose to in the sink just because its a lot easier to me. The whole wash process takes me about 1hr and 30mins. As needed I do a deep condition treatment that I apply for 15-30mins and then rinse. Also if you’re wondering what I use I didn’t mention it due to the fact it changes from week to week. Yet, everything I use is and always will be 100% natural. Nevertheless, once I’m completely done my hair is ready to be styled straight out of the shower.

Natural hair truly is a learning process. I remember a few months ago my wash day routine was very different from what I do now and took a lot more time! I was following someone on YouTube routine which just wasn’t for me! So with this I want to tell fellow naturalistas to pick up tips here and there but ultimately do what’s best for you!


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