How to: Stretch Hairstyles

MY NAME IS KAYLA BLACK AND I AM A LAZY NATURAL. They say the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. However, my lazy hacks work!  I don’t retwist my hair at night, I don’t always wear a bonnet to bed, and I do not redo styles in the middle of the week. So you’re probably wondering how do I maintain. Easy, using low manipulation/maintenance styles! I’ll be sharing pictures of the styles down below.  I typically start out with a twist out which last three days strong, starting on Sunday. That means there is still 4 more days to wash day. I brake that up into 2 different styles, the puff & my beloved “pick&pat”.

download (1) download (4)

I brush my hair up, add coconut oil, and a lil’ something for the edges. The puff is my mid week go to! You can add accessories to dress it up or simply pull it into a scrunchy for more of a natural/chill look using no product/tools at all. I start out with this style on Wednesday and by Friday or Saturday my hair is tired of being up so I switch…

download (2)downloadpick

For the infamous “pick&pat” I do almost nothing at all but add a headband and edge control. This is the wake up and go style that I stick with until wash day. As you can see it still looks somewhat well put together and not just a wild mess! All you have to do is use a pick comb and get your hair to your liking and then pat it into place.  Your original style still is playing a part because the ends are hydrated and looking neat.

Whelp, that’s it ladies! I hope these two stretch to wash day styles help you out! You can look good without constant work every day. Let’s stop hands in the hair syndrome together one stretch style at a time!


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