How to Achieve the Perfect Twist Out

First thing first, whether you’re newly natural or a seasoned naturalista you need to be able to master at least one style. Meaning no matter what the circumstances you know you’ll have great results after the take down. I’ve found this to be like a natural hair commandment. This rule you need to follow. If you know like I know, don’t nobody got time to be trying styles out the night before work or an event of some sort not knowing what you’ll look like in the a.m. So with trial and error find/master a style, that will be your go-to and you won’t regret it! A twist out is my preference. I can practically do it in my sleep. Product combo isn’t something I stress for a twist out just always follow the l.o.c method. The results are always bomb! Twisting is one of the easiest styles to get down but there are a few specific things that help me achieve the perfect twist out every time.

  1. You want to make sure you completely detangle. This is important to insure definition and minimum frizz.
  2. While twisting do not borrow any hair! This makes it easier to separate and fluff during the take down. I also like to  smooth down for the same reason while twisting.
  3. Remember size does matter. If you’re going for volume and not definition you do chunky twist (everyone loves big hair) . Smaller for more defined twists.       
  4. Coil the ends; It makes a huge difference! If your hair doesn’t coil you can add perm rods to the ends (or maybe it’s time for a trim)
  5. Last thing I do is allow my hair to set over night simply because its what works for me but of course you could sit under a hooded dryer or air dry until dry.

Now those are just 5 things I do to get the perfect twist out! I’m sure you could apply these to your current twist out routine to enhance your results. Everything is trial and error but who knows maybe a twist out will be your go to!


                                                                  Bomb results every time!!


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