Curlfest Recap!

Giiirrrrrlll, if you missed Curl Fest this past weekend you truly missed out! There was so much to take in; Amazing vendors, music that had us all moving, and picnic chats worthy of being in. I just could not wait to share all the details with everyone so here we go with The Curl Chronicle’s first “What’s Happening Wednesday“! WHW will be posted once a month on Wednesday to reach out to you all, simply to share whatever is interesting and happening. OK, with that out of the way let’s talk all things CURLFEST!!

In Prospect Park on a beautiful Saturday afternoon Curly Girl Collective put on an incredible event to celebrate natural beauty. It was exactly that in every aspect! Lovely locs, fro galore, bearded men, and popping skin of all shades were present and vibing. The music was provided by the dope black female DJ TiffMcFierce. She played the latest tracks but also kept it classic with songs like “the wobble” and “the chacha slide” of course. The DJ is who keeps an event live and that she did! Check out some of her mixes (linked is her soundcloud). Next, in the lineup in fun were the picnic chats. There some great speakers such as Jenelle B Stewart of as well as Naptural85 beauty/lifestyle vlogger and blogger. Unfortunately, I didn’t catch any of the chats as I was running late and the ones I was keyed up about were going on at the same time from my understanding. But lots of picnic blanket neighbors filled me in and there were some great topics that I missed out on.

Moving on to the vendors which was one of my favorites other than sea of beauty. Now, I do have to admit I lost track of quite a few business cards so I do not remember every vendor name but I will stil be shouting them out on instagram with photos of my purchases! There was an awesome jewelry stand that had the most amazing statement pieces so I had to pick up a bomb ring that I will probably be rocking all fall/winter. It was a guy (I think the owner) running the booth. He was really chill and knowledgeable when it came to all the jewels. I’m sorta shopaholic and obsessed with great customer service. If you’re anything like me than you know nothing ruins your shopping experience quicker than someone trying to sell you on things they know nothing about! So this man got an A+ in my book. He is Philly based so I will more than likely run into him again and buy more. Another cool vendor was Lipbar. They had some fun color lippies but also a super long line. However, my friend did manage to get her hands on one of their lipstick in a really pretty blue color and it came in really cute packaging. I will insert some pics down below. After that we stopped by all the curly vendors such as KinkyCurly, Tropic Isles Living, Cantu, and Carlo’s Duaghter to mention a few. These were brands that for the most part I knew I already liked but they had some good deals going on so I checked em’ out. KinkyCurly had a super fun photo area with all sorts of props and things. Tropic Isle was giving out free lemonade next too their tent!  I cannot seem to stay out of the black castor oil that was gifted from them, loving it!  

After shopping around for a bit we found somewhere to lay and eat! The action was far from over when we sat down. With the music still blasting and our picnic blanket neighbors entertaining us with conversation it was a blast. I traveled to BK with family; my bearded boyfriend and my lovely loc’d photogragher. We knew no one but each other yet that didn’t mean anything at Curlfest. Everyone spoke to each other ! It was great to be in a place like this! I’m lost words when trying to describe the essence of the vibe and energy. The scenery was pretty dope too! I had never been to Prospect Park before. But as I was chatting it up I found they host tons of events there. So maybe I’ll be returning before the next curlfest. Good vendors, people, view, and food! We ate from the Gorilla Cheese food truck. I’m not going to lie, I had high expectations based on what I had heard sadly they fell a little short. But the food was decent and we were hungry! And of course there were other options.. like McDonald’s on the way home.

All in all, I had fabulous time at CURLFEST 2015! I wish we did not have to wait aaaalll the way to next year for this event to come back to us. It was an cool way ease the pain of bringing summer to an end. So until next year, so long curlfest, thank you Curly Girl Collective for a wonderful event.


All shots were taken by Kashana the founder of Candid Green Inc.


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