Foolproof Wash and Go

Hey! In honor of launch day, allow me to introduce myself. I’m Kayla aka Coily Kay on social media; A young woman venturing through the natural hair community. The Curl Chronicle was created to take you all on the natural hair journey with me. On the ride we’ll make stops for all things beauty and I’ll be sharing everything I pick up along the way. If you want to know more about me check out the about tab and follow me on social media.

At the top of my summer bucket list was to achieve the perfect wash and go. I never was able to simply wash and go meaning actually out the shower and out the door. Also having thick 4c hair made me super nervous about having a frizz ball twa once it dried. However, after an entire summer of trial and error I’ve got it down packed and guess what.. using only one product!! And when I say foolproof I mean anyone can do it without much added stress or time on wash day. So let’s get right to it!!

Reliable Wash & Go

  1. Wash hair

I personally like to co-wash my hair & detangle in sections but feel free to use your own wash day routine. I’ve been loving the wen sweet almond mint cleansing conditioner. It is curly girl friendly, leaves hair feeling clean, and light weight! Also the pump makes using it in the shower super convenient! Basically its an all around favorite for me!

  1. Section hair

If you haven’t already done so you’re going to need to section your hair. 4 sections works for my short/mid length hair.  If your hair is longer more sections will probably be better and for shorter hair less sections. Butterfly clips work good no matter your length or regular ponytail holders to keep hair in place.

* Now for the next two steps you want to work with one section of hair at a time which will give your hair a more defined look*

Here’s the easiest step but take your time with this one! You want to completely soak the section with water only! This allows for minimum frizz and maximum elongation.

  1. Apply product

In smaller subsections apply the styler using either the shingling or raking method ensuring every kink, curl, and coil are being moisturized. Continue through entire head. Of course I’m using the blueberry bliss control jelly! I’ll get into what all the rave is about in a second.

  1. Dry

Lastly, you can either air dry or use a diffuser. I like to air dry so all I’m doing is literally washing my hair, adding one product, and then on the go! Also air drying is great for minimizing potential frizz. But if you insist on having dry hair before you step out you could always grab a diffuser super cheap like this one  which is only $6 at RiteAid!!

That’s it, you are done & looking faaabbbuloous!

Now why is this a foolproof method? The product of choice is why! As you may or may not know a product can make or break a style! I find the blueberry control jelly by curls to be hands down the best styler for a WnG. It’s water based and contains castor oil which means your is being moisturized and the the moisture is being sealed in. It gives the hair a nice hold without the dreaded “crunch”. This product is an all in one for me because it cuts down styling time. The overall process adds practically no time to wash day. I’m confident that you all will be able to achieve this foolproof wash and go!  On Instagram, feel free to share your wash and go  results from following these steps using the hashtag #FoolProofWnG


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